Adrenaline Shots


Up danny02_WEB

Following his abduction by the terrifyingly hot Mistress Morphine (see the Animated Trailer for more) Danny has had to get used to being awoken each morning by the searing splash of hypno in his buttocks followed by a series of unspeakable tasks which increase in bizarreness and pain throughout the day: Nurse Morphine and her assistant Nurse Anesthesia’s bedside manner is a little… unconventional.

Morphine assures him that it’s all for the best although he has to confess to being a little puzzled by the need for Formaldehyde.

One of the less challenging aspects of his mandatory treatments is the requirement to write Webcomics… he hopes that you like them… but more importantly he really, REALLY hopes that  Morphine likes them… and that she would untie him now… it HAS been over a week since she let him use the toilet…

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